What if Legendary Items were awarded for being a good person

What if these super powerful legendary items we are seeing data-mined were not some 0.000001% World drop, but a reward that Game Masters could hand out.

What if they randomly chose areas out in the world to wander about, occasionally finding themselves in a spot of trouble, asking for help in zone chat, or in General/Trade in town.  And they recorded the names of a few people that stepped up to help with no expectation of reward, and after a review of their account to make sure it was not just a fluke, sent them a reward.  Do I think that it would miraculously change the player base if they knew they could get a prize for being a good person? Absolutely not.  People will be people.  They are either the type of person that enjoys helping others, dropping what they are doing to help someone they don’t even know out, or they are not.  You could put on an act for a period of time certainly, but not indefinitely.

There are so many people I know in game that do things for others without blinking an eye.  People that will answer questions posed in General/Trade, even though they know it is someone trolling.  They will send battle pets to people having a hard time beating a pet tamer, would jump into Wintergrasp without any PvP gear to help.  There are so many great players that go unnoticed, not for being a world ranked player, not for being Worlds first anything.  Just for being a decent human being.  And I am sure if you asked them, they don’t do it for any notoriety, or special treatment.  Sometimes people do things just so another persons day is a little better.

I am no WoW saint. I am sure over 6 years there have been people that have taken issue with me.  Possibly misinterpreted words, maybe because I booted out a friend of theirs that was stealing from the bank, maybe they just didn’t like me.  But that does not stop me from trying to do the right thing for people if they need help.  Making enchants for people and not expecting anything in return.  I’m not perfect.  And honestly if I ever logged in one day and found some awesome item, I would most likely give it to someone in the guild.

But I think it would be kind of cool for things to end up with people that really never would expect it.  I know it would never happen, but even if it made one person think twice before putting another person down for asking a question, or offering to help someone questing, or grouping up for things that require more than 1 player, then it is an idea that to me has some merit.

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I’m not a great player

A lot was said yesterday, a few bad memories came to mind, and some self realization.


I am not a great player.  Just going to say that out loud.  I’m not.  At this point in my life, I am an ok player.  There may be somethings I can figure out and do better on, there are things I just cannot grasp.  I have played video games for 40 years.  I have played games in 5 different decades.  Yes I am an older person.  I try to fit into a world where people my age are an ever shrinking population being replaced by younger people that can do things more complex, faster and better.  40 years ago I was one of the better players.  I could pick up many games, figure out what had to be done, and do well at it.  Back in the day.  Yeah I used that term.  We played with quarters.  Most times 25 cents would get you a few minutes of play time on a machine.  If your allowance was only 2-3 dollars a week, you learned quickly how to play something to get every last cent of value from it.  Any top player today would find themselves challenged to play against me back then.  My eyesight was better, my reaction times were better.  I was good.  But I got older.

Life happens.  We get older, we get jobs, we have families, we have homes.  The list of real life responsibilities grows every year.  We have aging parents that need our help, we have friends who find themselves in bad spots that we reach out to help, we find ourselves having to deal with more and more in the real world.  And those times when we can escape for awhile to our gaming world, become more and more precious. We don’t have the luxury to spend hours each night focusing on one thing.  Things that require to much involvement, to much stress, then to push us away.  We recall the old days, and wonder why we keep trying.  Adjusting what we do more and more to still be a part, even if we feel alone in what we do.

I know what my level of skill is.  I know what for me are triggers, things that will make me agitated.  Because a person does not wear their feelings on the outside does not mean that things do not bother them.  Some times the slightest thing said can bring back bad memories.  A few things were mentioned yesterday that did for me.  And I may have said a bit to much to someone privately that I probably should not have.  Sometimes the people that seem the most average and normal, have very thick armor that they do not let down.

I have had some bad experiences over the last several years playing WoW.  From the GM that disbanded the first guild I was in, and left to me to tell young kids that it wasn’t anything they did or said, to people calling me things in Vent while pugging a run.  People can be wonderful to each other behind the wall of anonymity, they can also be very cruel, whether they intended to be or not.

I know what works for me when it comes to playing my Priest.  When we had a previous style of playing, I considered myself decent.  Good enough to hold my own with similarly geared people.  Over the last 2 expansions, as the style has changes, to a point where in Draenor you needed a flow chart to figure out how to play, I came to a realization, that this was not something I could do.  It became so complex to me that it was not enjoyable to play.  I did what I could, learned how to do the best I could in a manner that worked for me. And it has gotten me through the entire expansion, with what parts I have felt myself able to do.  According to all the charts and graphs I should be raiding Heroic.  But I feel I am not good enough.

The gear mean’s nothing to me.  I do what content I can, where I feel I am contributing to success.  I do not expect to be carried through things.  If it is beyond my skill I do not spend hundreds of hours beating myself up trying to beat something that I feel is beyond me.  I do what I can so that I feel what I have contributed helps.  I still play because I like helping people, I enjoy the concept of the game.  I may not enjoy certain things currently, I may find things different in Legion. I do not expect people to play the way that I do, and I hope that people would not expect me to play like them because that is what they think I should do.

There are no right answers, right ways to play the game.  We play in ways that bring us enjoyment.  Offering things to get us to try other aspects is fine, encouraging people to do things together is a noble idea.  Forcing people to do things because it is the fastest route to something is not.

We all have flaws.  We all have our own demons to fight.  I know that I am not a great player.  I wish I was so I could be one of those helping others get the things they desire.  But I am not.  And I choose to do what I can by myself.  It is a personal battle.

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Yeah we’ve got trouble


With a capital T that rhymes with…..  Oh, well lets just say with a capitol T.



No not that T.

This one


Yeah, there is a problem.  I know, Mara you dirty casual.  There is nothing wrong with Timewalking, you are just a bad player wanting to ruin the nostalgia for the rest of us.

This is what I saw many, many times last night.

An endless stream of players running back to the dungeon after wiping, over and over again.  Surely it must have been a fluke, just a random occurrence, but I saw this repeated many times over a few hours.  Was it because people just did not know what to do?  Were they just trying to ignore mechanics to get it done as fast as possible?  Yeah you could probably attribute that to a group or two, but not to this level.

So what do I feel wrong.  I know these dungeons, I have run them many times at all levels of gear.  I remember the initial runs in Blue gear, to the end when I out geared them so much I could hold my own with the entire party dead.  The problem I saw was not that the mechanics were there, but that the counters to them are no r in the game, or have been changed to suit current content and just don’t work.

How would you approach killing adds when your Shaman tries to CC an add, and nothing, your Mage tries to Sheep, nothing, your tank that actually knows what they are doing and has marked targets asks you to Mind Control one like you did so many times in the past only to have to tell the Tank, I don’t have that ability any more.

The problem I see is not in the bosses, they seem to be relatively straight forward, I have yet to wipe on one when people do what they are supposed to be doing.  I am sure the Dev team has looked at the bosses, made what tweaks they felt were needed, and called it a day.  The adds are a huge problem.  Enough so that I will do my 5 Timewalkers, then walk away.  If as has been suggested MoP dungeons will be next up in the queue? I may just pass on them all together.  If someone in Anaheim has decided that each class should have a set level of gear to do the content, but also to make it something of a challenge, then that is a problem.  Maybe a lot of us wait to do Heroic dungeons until we are that 10% better, we don’t want to be the underperforming player causing wipes.

When I zoned  my first last night, it was already underway in Grim Batol, the one person that had stayed on the first boss said they wiped a few times then everyone left.  Then we found out, none of the previous had ever done it when it was current.  So we explained a few things, and got through the whole thing, with only a few deaths to things, once again, that we had no counter for.

I think if this is a feature they will be utilizing more in the future they should be looking at the whole dungeon.  What was in place for mechanics before, which have been removed. Then, maybe you can tweak the difficulty up a touch.

Also they really should allow people to gear for it.  When the Wrath dungeons came along, I had a full set of Heroic ICC tier, did not have any piece lower than 264.  I enchanted everything, I dusted off 18 gems for sockets.  And I did no better than if I just kept on the current gear I had. Back in the day at level 80 I would have crushed the dungeon. Maybe they don’t want that, maybe they are trying to establish that sometimes you have to just deal with what is given to you.  Unfortunately the backlash will be when people like myself look at it, and say it’s not worth it to me.  And if they are utilizing this feature to fill a void of content, then the void will still be there for me

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Everyone needs a theme song

A theme song for @AlternativeChat


See me ride out of the Internet
On your Monitor screen
Blogging for all that I can get
If you want to know what I mean
Bloggers to the left of me
And bloggers to the right
I’ve got my pen
I’m set to write
So don’t you start a fight

‘Cause I’m A.L.T., I’ve got insight
(A.L.T.) and I’ll write this right
(A.L.T.) I like to transpose
(A.L.T.) watch me write prose

I’m witty, lean and sometimes unclean
I’m a wanted wo’man
Twitter enemy number one
So lock up your YouTube
Lock up your Twitch
Lock up your pod cast
And write for your life
This woman’s back in town
So don’t you mess me ’round

‘Cause I’m A.L.T. I’ve got insight
(A.L.T.) and I’ll write this right
(A.L.T.) I like to transpose
(A.L.T.) watch me write prose

A.L.T., (oi, oi, oi)
A.L.T., (oi, oi, oi)
A.L.T., (oi, oi, oi)
A.L.T., (oi, oi, oi)
A.L.T., (oi, oi, oi), I’ve got insight
(A.L.T., oi, oi, oi), and I’ll write this right,
(A.L.T., oi, oi, oi), I like to transpose
(A.L.T.), watch me write prose!

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Perception can be a powerful influence in ones views


A way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression


Today we see the 6.2.3 content patch.  And there are two things that stand out to me.  Two things I perceive as showing favor to a select group. Maybe I am wrong, at the very least I know this is the way it has always been.

I know that guilds have always sold runs for end game content at a high level, be it by people paying large sums of gold in game, or going to guild web sites and clicking on that “Other means” link that invariably lets you know that if you have cash, something can be worked out.  It is a violation of the ToS to pay for, or charge real money to do content.  It has always been done, people have always run the risk of having their account banned temporarily, even the loss of achievements and titles and gear.  As long as there is some form of content with a reward, people will take what risks they feel may be worth it to have a reward.  Like I said, I know this has been this way for many many years.

Except now it is different.  Now you can log into the BNet store, purchase a few game time tokens, and list them on the AH of the server of the guild doing the runs and pay for it in gold.  And it is absolutely fine with Blizzard.  They are the ones circumventing their own rules to allow for a practice that has always been there.  When you look at what is changing in the game today, the Grove Warden mount, and Mythic cross realm raids.  Who will benefit from this the most.

High level guilds that have already completed raids, are either on break, or off doing other things, now have two opportunities to build up their guild cash leading into the next expansion.  Now I will say, I have seen the postings for #FriendshipMoose.  and that is an admirable thing that someone is proposing and willing to help organize.  It may be a few months before runs actually start.  Many people will of course have to have the mount ASAP, so if they are not a part of a guild already farming Heroic content, they will find a group advertising runs for 200,000g or more, even hinting that you can buy a run for real money if you visit their web site.  I have even seen a post on my own server forums for runs 200k if you swap gold on their server, 250k if they have to roll a character on yours.  They are making Mythic runs cross realm, people will buy these also, perhaps not as many as have in the past, but now that you do not need to transfer your character to another server it is just offering guilds that Blizzard still needs to be in the game an incentive to stay.

I will not be paying for a run.  I will not be asking friends for a spot to get one as a favor.  Even if my guild manages to advance into heroics, and does get Archimond down in the time limit, I probably won’t be there.  No.  It is a reward for people that have put in the work to get it.  If they choose once again to place a mount at the end of the game, with the caveat, get it while content is current before it is gone, I will not be giving validation to the behavior.  Trying to push me to keep up with advanced release schedules, go go go, get this tier done because the next is imminent.  I will not do it any more.  I kept general pace with Pandaria, I have kept up with Draenor, and what do I have as a reward?  near a year of nothing current to do that is new.  Just more variations of existing content with a higher level of difficulty.  Or I have 10 years of older content I can do back and do on my own or with a few people.

Why would I do older content when it is old?  Because the rewards are still there.  The achievements for doing crazy things most people would never attempt except if they were a part of a high progression guild that was bored and looking for a challenge.  All of Wrath, we see meta achievements for mounts, and people still do the content, people run Firelands because there are rewards, Throne of the Four Winds, Onyxia, Stratholme, I could list many many more. There are rewards there for putting in the time to get them.  What happens when you remove the rewards?  People walk away when they run out of reasons to stay.

I don’t care if I get some mount or special title or a really awesome piece of gear a year, 2 years after it is current.  It matters to me that I did the work, even if I do it 10, 20, 30 levels higher than when it was current.  I went in there and did the fights, maybe by myself, maybe with 19/24 other people and facerolled it.  I said last time when they took out the mount for defeating Hellscream that I felt it was wrong.  And I caught a lot of grief for saying it.  So much so that I left Twitter for a few months.  And yet here I am again saying it.  Except now we have the added validation that it is ok to pay money for something as long as you are purchasing the gold from Blizzard.  A person that focuses on making gold could  come up with 200k in a couple of months, and I am sure there are a great many people sitting on multiple millions looking for something to spend it on.  But for me it comes down to is it worth it to me.  Will having it make me feel good about the manner I got it.

I did the work last year on Siege.  I was a part of a group that worked their way through the entire instance over 4 weeks.  I did the work and got it before the cut off.  I was lucky.  I know many were not. And I saw a few leave the game in because of it.  Personally I feel trying to push people to do content at a pace determined by a small percentage is forcing people to just not care or try. I hope many lessons were learned in Warlords.  I hope things change.  Because I personally will not change the values I have to accommodate getting a thing.

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Patch 6.2.3 tomorrow, so why am I meh

Tomorrow the last content patch for what will be a long stretch will be released.  People will be running through Dungeons of varying levels and LFR for Valor points, they will be running Cataclysm Timewalker dungeons for the chance for the mount, and the Heirloom trinket I saw listed.  And groups will be rushing in to down Archimond on Heroic difficulty for the Moose.

And yet, none of this news excites me.  For the first time since I have been playing all of it has no appeal to me.  Yes I would love to get the Moose, for reasons mentioned before.  I would love to be excited for running content for Valor to upgrade my gear an additional 10 levels, who knows, in a few months they will add another 10.  That seems to be the philosophy.  Let improvements to gear make the fights easier for people having trouble.  It gives them a way to be more powerful, while also giving them something to do in order to get there.

And it is not grabbing me.  After a long day of running around and doing some work on the house, I sat down and logged in.  First on my level 95 almost to 96 DK who is leveling in the Mine, soon the level 2 mine and Herb Garden, I log in with my Inscriptionist who every other week knocks out a couple hundred cards to flip for gold, and then my main.  I collect all the gold missions, I run through the mine to gather ore and archaeology fragments, do his profession cool downs, and then?  And then nothing.  He sat there for about 30 minutes as I read some of the patch notes.  Said congrats to a few getting old and new achievements, and then quietly logged out to go watch TV until Walking Dead came on.

And I have been trying to think this morning, why am I not excited.  Legion soon, Beta soon, stuff to do imminent.  And I just feel meh about it.  We have at least 8 months to go.  And the one thing I really want to know, is what will the focus of the game be.  Will it be more of the same with a new twist?  Level, Dungeons, Raids.  Or will it be more outdoor content, more server interaction, more world bosses to defeat.  Will guilds see some help, will they raise the income from doing things as a guild to help offset repair costs, will things be exorbitantly expensive to take back all of the free gold we are being given.

There are a lot of unanswered questions I would like to know.  Another big one for me is will I enjoy playing the only character I play every day once again. So many things I am hoping to see more information on.  There is a lot on my list to keep me, and many things I still need to know.

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Should I be given access to Beta

As much as I would love to have the opportunity.  My honest answer has to be no.

I could argue and spout reasons till I am blue in the face on why I should be included.  But would anything truly be learned from my being in there.  Would I be running the leveling process?  Certainly, would I blog about it?  To an extent.  I would talk about impressions and the look of zones, but I would not spell out specifics.  But when you think about it.  Would I have the knowledge and experience to properly look for issues.  Sure, I could find bugged quests, little areas out of the way with issues.  But for the big things, the testing of dungeons at different levels, the raid testing.  That I would not be the best person to test, or to even discuss.

As far as testing changes to my class.  I would probably be a far cry from the type of player that should be testing mechanics.  I don’t have any kind of raid gear.  I have what I have gotten from Tannan, what Kazzak has dropped and crafted.  The method I play is no where near the skill or level that top raiders do.  The only valuable data you would get from me is that from someone at the opposite extreme of top end raiding.

As much as I would like to be there to try out all of these great changes they are proposing for Shadow, to express how I feel about it, how it looks and performs on my crappy old computer, I know that I do not have the knowledge to run Sim’s on talent choices or how to best determine gear choices.  My input would in all honesty, have no value.

And in a way it makes me a bit sad to admit.  I don’t play the game as hard as I once did.  Maybe it is a little bit age, maybe real life taking up more time, maybe a bit of interest in the story, or some of all the above.  I know there are top players in the Tech Alpha, I know they are just waiting for permission to talk about stat weights, and gear priorities, raiding strategies, and all number of things.  And soon after Beta goes live we will have all of the 3rd party sites scrambling to get data out first, to grab those clicks from players looking for what’s new.  And it’s a bit of a shame, that we have become so desperate for inside information that we all clamor to get into closed Beta, even the later Open Beta.

I hope that all of those that do find their accounts flagged for access go in with the knowledge that it is all still in development, that what they are doing is testing possible things, it is not final.  That they take due diligence and report errors, use some form of logs to report specifics with damage or healing for review, and that even if they do not like something, they explain what about it they don’t like instead of raging at all of us not in, that the expansion is gonna suck.  You know who you are.  Those that make snap judgements, that are quick to judge, and when ask, reply “For Reasons”

I hope a great deal is learned with the upcoming Beta, I hope people give well thought out reviews, report issues, and do their best to make this upcoming expansion the best yet.

If you need me, I will be sitting in my Garrison until the Pre-Expansion event, doing the occasional legacy content.  But you won’t find me in Beta, well, at least I doubt you will.  RNG being what it is, I will probably find I am the first day.  :)

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