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Never thought I would have 150+ things to say.  Taking a break from talking about impressions and thoughts.

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The story to me is lacking

I’m doing my best. I’m trying to make 6,2 work. I have bought my first piece of gear with Apexis and paid the 20,000 to make it 695. That was all I had acquired since the beginning. In 2 days after dropping to 145 total, I am now back over 14,450. I know they admitted the original framework was not good. Maybe my impression of how much effort was required to get even 1 piece is still shaping my opinion. 

Looking over the reduced cost for Savage Blood, now 25 Primals, the 1 crafting pattern to raise crafted gear having at least that part lowered, the fact my profession output has doubled. Seems to show to me that were are not where the majority of us need to be with our gear. 

I look at it that once many saw the gold carrot laying about to just be scooped up, people rushed to raise and max as many Garrisons as possible, and stopped focusing on gearing these Alts. Just using them as a work force. 

There is nothing wrong with that. Except in how it skews data. They see an account with 7 level 100’s. One in high 660’s gear, and the rest in 580ish. How do we get people to play them. Well we can cut make those golden carrots a lot tougher to find. We can make it less viable to remain in the Garrison and move to new things. Add gear drop incentives to encourage people to play their Alts. And make them work for it. 

I always feel like I’m an outlier. I’m not looking to raid anymore beyond doing LFR, which I do wish was a different sentiment on my part. The gear my followers have given me so far should have made so a reality, the big issue is my class. And that is what I have to deal with. I am not in the catch up mechanics group either. I am in between. Not high enough to raid in my personal view. And not low enough that I need to do catch up things. 

Time walking was ok. It was just as I remembered doing the Dungeons when they were current to me 5 years ago. I see people having a grand time dusting off their Legedary weapons. And for a moment last night considered running ICC for a full set of gear to use the mountain of old Wrath gems, enchanting it all so that I could relive it how a Heroic Raider would have seen it years ago. But I thought, why?  I don’t need any of these dungeons for achievements. I have them all. Many times over. Doing 5 for 1 bonus roll?  I will probably head to Warspear today and buy my 3 for the week. And do the Tannan daily quests I need for today. 

I have done 5 days of them. I have completed a few chapters of a story I think. I turn in the quest and see I have gotten credit for it. But it doesn’t tell me anything. It has been 5 days of just go kill all the things, in mass quantities. I get that people are enjoying a focus to be out in the world. I can even see that they must have fine tuned so setting on graphics because some areas are a bit clearer. Maybe it’s the use of a Mission as a story telling device, in place of a quest with text flavor. 

I was never a Lore person. I read the quests and followed the story as I did it. Being in a zone like Tannan, getting a mission to go kill X amount of things, come back tomorrow and you kill more, does not have much appeal any more. Show me a short cinematic of World boss K, killing people, or that he has some evil plan, some thing to make me feel more than I am going there to punch him for a bag of gold or a piece of gear once a week. 

I am doing what I need to do to get to the end of the expansion. LFR will see 1 run through, if it is anywhere close to the last 2 raids. The naval battles with the chance to lose ships will only see me doing ones that are 100% because I do not have the time to log in early before work, or a laptop to log in at lunch or when I walk through the door before dinner. I get done what I can in the 3 hours I play each day. I wish there was more of a story behind the naval battles beyond the obvious that we need to break the blockade to get HFC naval missions for once a week gear drops. I wish they would just get out of their heads it’s not about gear, and stats, and doing things over and over chasing some unattenable to most Best in Slot set that gets replaced 6 month later. That is the game very few can ever win at. It is so far beyond the scope of play for me, that I do not even consider it in the wildest dream catagory. 

I just want to be able to work on the character I love to play. Play him well, read a good story, and beat the bad guys, and save the world.   

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Guilds have been around for a long time, it is a concept not new to this game, it goes back hundreds of years.  In WoW they are to quote one definition

An association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

They are a fundamental part of the game.  If we did not have them, I cannot think of how the game would have evolved to where it is now.  The discussion last night concerning BoE gear from raids, appears to have touched off a firestorm of comments and heated discussions.  It was just a small spark of a comment that touched off a powder keg of pent up frustrations concerning guilds and how they are run, how they pay for members to do things, etc.

In my guild, I have always offered repairs to members, because they make it what it is.  Those that raid have a higher repair level set.  It took me a long time to balance the outlay of gold for repairs vs the income from at first the Cash Flow perk, which was removed, and the gold for completing guild challenges, be it the once a week raid for 1000g, dungeons for 250 each, PvP, etc.  Those levels were fine for the gear in Mists of Pandaria.  The gear has started to climb in repair values, and that is starting to take a toll on players and guild that try to offer something back.

Yes for the first 8 months, we have all been raking in money, spending it like it would never end, and they took notice, they have reduced Salvage yard bonuses, the gold sinks did not remove enough from the economy, the WoW token did not either.  Now I am seeing people cap repair bills daily, I have seen a healer run 1 Mythic dungeon, only clear half, in an hour, and walk out with over 500g in repairs.  The guild cannot support those levels of repair bills for any length of time.  What will happen is I will be forced to reduce levels, or cut them off, people will for a time pay their own repairs, then they will start to weigh out is the cost equal to the reward and effort to get something.

I can see quite quickly guilds stopping first Mythic dungeons, raiding, and will watch as players leave the guild, and eventually the game, because it costs to much in their eyes to play.  Maybe they counted on selling 1 high value BoE a month to pay for their subscription, maybe they had their eyes set on a mount or some item.  When they feel they are losing, even virtual money, they will look for other things to do, to feel like they are wealthy.

Personally I feel either the repair costs need to be re-evaluated, or the guild perks need to be adjusted for the new expansion.  Either way, something needs to be done quickly before this becomes more of a problem.

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It’s all about time

It all started going wrong when we came down out of the trees, and started wearing
Digital watches.

Looking all the way back to the beginning of wow, there really was not a lot to do. Leveling took time, gearing up took time, and by the time you were at end game 2 years later, there were still things to do. As the game has progressed people have created add on programs to help us play the game better certainly, but also to save time. Entire web sites exist solely for the purpose of doing the research for us to save us time. A few people Theorycraft, which saves us time figuring out what we should do to play our class.  So as a result, the game requires more things for us to do. Which requires more add on programs and research to help us do them faster, which requires more advanced add on programs and more research. Seeing all of the Master Plan comments about how lost people were without it, looking at my map of Tannan Jungle. It occurred to me this morning talking to someone, that it isn’t really the games fault at all. It is at its core, our fault. Our fault
for trying to find faster ways to do things easier. Our fault for demanding more and more faster. Until it has gotten to a breaking point. A point where people are becoming overwhelmed with the shear magnitude of things to do.  And we see them quietly walk away to play other games.

I have an older inexpensive off the shelf PC. I run at the lowest settings possible, my display of Tannan is green goop. I run very few add on programs to stay above 15 FPS. I have no idea what the game looks like at 100+ like some routinely play at. So with the lack of add on programs, activities in game take me longer. And it becomes frustrating to me as I see people zipping around from Rare spawn to rare spawn, having a great time farming content, when I am just trying to finish 1 quest that takes longer to figure out how to get to than to do the quest.  I looked over the map last night to see not 5 or 6, not 10 or 15, but so many rare skulls on my map it looked like a programing error.  Add on to that the treasures that are laying about, the map is cluttered to a point of absurdity.

But many people are very happy.  There are rares to kill, treasures to find, tons of things to do.  It just requires time.  I was thinking, why am I not enjoying all of this content, when so many others are.  Why don’t I have an army of Alt’s gold capping me prior to the patch, what is wrong with me?  Because I do not have the time.  I use to love to research playing my class, because of add on timers, and other means to keep track of things, my class has become a burden to me to play.  Until recently, when I found a guide written that made things more simple and in a manner I could play, I had resigned myself to never raiding again.  My numbers have improved, but I am still under performing to the expectations I feel I need to in order to not be a burden on the team.

I think we are coming to a tipping point, where people start looking at what will be required to play the game to a level they expect and how much it will cost them to do so, and the value they place on the game itself.  If Blizzard broke all of the add on programs, all the fancy UI mods, broke all of it, and sent us back to the stone age of gaming, would it be a bad thing, if they compensated by removing half of the things we feel compelled to do, and gave us the added time to actually have to think about what we have to do, instead of relying on programs and web sites to do it for us?

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Still around, just have a big project in my mind. 

There really has not been a heck of a lot to talk about. I think the flying debate has blown over to a certain extent. Still a lot of in game issues, but they acknowledged there are problems. Time will tell. Even after 10 years they are still learning. And that’s a good thing. Means they are still looking at new ways to make things better. 
No what is on my mind is what would I have done differently with the Garrison feature. Would I have kept the core design, would I have made it more of a small outpost type of town with 3 levels of looks, and fixed building layouts that you unlocked. But had other players around you, not being isolated in trade chat. 

Or. What I am trying to get my head around. Guild housing. 

It can’t be game breaking, but should have some worth. Should not be any better for a huge guild or small, offer any rewards exclusive, yada yada yada. 

No. I think it should be a bit special. There should be a perk to working hard for something. I am not saying it should only be attainable by a small portion of players. But it should be more exclusive than someone’s banking guild. 

I would like to see and instanced compound similar to a garrison. The Alliance model looks most like what I envision. The horde one seems more spiky. For lack of a better word. It’s missing some flair. So what would I like to see. 

A modified guild banking system. A building for cooking with a meat locker for storing food. Guild members could buy prepared food buffs that someone in the guild had learned. Payable with tokens earned by depositing good baskets similar to Halfhill in MoP, by doing cooking dailies, or just paying gold. Should be some means for raid wide food to be made that I am still working on. 

Other professions should have similar things. Earn profession tokens by supplying materials that can be used to offset costs or purchase items outright. Again available items based on what people have learned. 

It would make finding that old tailoring chest armor for transmog easier. Gearing up alts would be less of a coordination issue with sending mats to people, finding enough with daily cool downs to make one thing. 

There should be a common room much like the Inn’s with an option to click on someone to have guild meetings and have NPCs rearrange furniture. There should be a hall of heroes where statues and tapestries and paintings of guild achievements could be viewed. 

The problems I see are it falling in to the same trap as the Garrison, where the convieience would discourage being out in town, or out in the world. It should not have an auction house or player banking. No class trainers either. I think the cooking and fishing would be ok. And bringing back profession quests. Especially if there were ways to get long gone recipes, or rare world drop ones. 

It’s an idea I think many would enjoy. I also think it’s full of potential issues. What I would really like to see is a small office in front for all. A “I need a guild” office. Where players could go in and scan a much improved looking for guild interface. Where they could sort by guild longevity, could see a readout of average amount of players on in 4 hour increments, could see raiding or PvP progress. Something much better than we have now. 

If you have any ideas on things you would enjoy seeing as a part, please feel free to comment. If you are pointing out negatives please be civil. I would hope that some day this could be a reality that many contributed to. 

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Last night I was out working on The Pit.  Part of the meta that needs to be done in order to get flying at a point after 6.2 is released.  I still have 7 or 8 more Apexis daily quests to do.  There were just 2 of us, slowly working our way around pulling 1 add at a time, at one point we pulled 1 and 3 of his friends came along, and I knew I was going to be looking at a long corpse run back from the other side of the pit.  What I did not expect was a group of Alliance players to jump in and help dispatch the mob.

I personally have always jumped in to help someone, be they Alliance of Horde if I saw they were in trouble.  It is more rewarding to me as a human being knowing that I stopped to help someone, even if they are only pixels on a screen.  I get that we have had a 20 year rivalry, Orcs vs Humans.  It is the foundation of the game.  But things change, cultures change, we are not all the same people we were when we started playing.

I have seen in the past “We need a Neutral Faction”, and I think it may be justified.  There would obviously be those hardcore Blue or Red players, but I suspect there is a decent amount of people that would welcome being able to play with friends on both sides.  I mean who wouldn’t want for a chance to actually PvP someone of your own faction, that one person that seems to grate everyone’s nerves, that you wish you could just call them out one day and settle it.  Those friends that switched because they wanted a change, those raiding guilds you would love to be a part of, but they are the wrong faction.

I think the time is right, we have fought common foes for many many years.  We don’t have to be best buddies, but we already share an AH, we certainly could share a city, much like Dalaran, or Shattrath.  We have seen the division in the Orcs clans in Draenor, why can we not have similar for the rest.  Let us have a Neutral city for a home to all.  Any players or guilds that wanted to be both could work to complete some tasks to to align themselves with the other.  I suspect I would lose a few people in guild if I was to propose a change such as this, but I am equally certain I would gain so many more.

The lines are blurred.  More often than not people have max levels on both sides, they have friends on both sides.  We all end up fighting the same bad guys in dungeons and raids.  Allow people the 3rd choice.

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On flying and the effort to get it. 

I’m sure many have heard, flying is in at a point after patch 6.2. While many are cheering that Blizzard caved, I think it was those few compelling reasons expressed that may have held sway. I am sure they discounted all of the no fly no sub chants. They know better than anyone why people leave, and what people are and aren’t doing in game.

I’m sure once people have an opportunity to log in to review what achievements they have and what they will need, the cries of no fair forcing us to grind rep, or gasp, quest to get their wings.

Mounted travel in any form over the years required a commitment to attain. Be it the original flying in BC, having to get Cold weather flying for Wrath, or in MoP having to reach level cap, and shell out a hefty sum of gold. Getting the fastest flying required a minimum 1 year commitment.  It was not required to play the game. It was a reward for putting in a lot of time to get.

I will take a look at what I still need, I will work on the new, with others, and hopefully, I will have it soon after it is available. If it ends up requiring me to complete some task I thoroughly dislike?  Then I will probably give that part a few attempts, then move on.

While having it will give me incentive to perhaps fly around to bonus zones to occupy my time, or investigate areas far off the beaten path never explored, and dare I even say it, work on Archeology outside of the mine.

There are many things I had written off to work on in later expansions when it would be legacy content that I am reconsidering doing now. It should not take the addition of flight to do so however.

Having flying may sooth some people for a time. But it will not make the world any bigger. It will just give people the feeling that they accomplished more in the expansion sooner.

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