Why won’t they raid

Why won’t they raid…


They said there was to much of a learning curve from Heroic Dungeons to Normal raiding, so we gave them LFR.

Researching raids took to long so we gave them the Dungeon journal.

They said having 10/25 excluded too many people, that some groups had 12 or 15, so we gave them Flex size.

They said Heroic raiding was not hard enough, so we gave them Mythic, we made Normal a little harder and called it Heroic, we made Flex a little harder and called it Normal.

Gearing up to raid took to long, or only had one means to do it gated behind reputation grinds, so we gave them many different ways to get the gear they would need to raid.

They said forming pick up groups on their servers was to difficult, so we gave them an in game group finder, usable for everything except Mythic raiding.


But I think it is so much more than 10, so much more that if we truly knew the percentage of players that never set foot into a raid, discounting LFR, which many consider to not be raiding in any form, might astound people.

I no longer raid.

Do I have the gear for it? Sure.

Do I have 3 hours a night to do it? Yep.

Do I have a guild with 2 raid teams I could run with? Yes indeed.

So why don’t I raid?

Because I no longer feel like I am good enough, because even at 90% of my potential, I am still below other classes performing even worse, because spending weeks and months doing the same fights over and over, only to run out of time before the next raid tier comes along and the process repeats has

appeal to me any more.  They have put so much focus on creating a multitude of ways for you to get into raids, and it is no longer enough that the majority see’s the content, they want more.  Give them ways to raise their gear so they can do it, that should solve the problem.  But they are overlooking the most important thing.  Giving players the desire to do so.  There will always be a bad guy that needs to be defeated, there will always be Lieutenants or Creepy Crawlies to fight our way through.

But it is not just the endless merry go round of gear up to raid, to gear up to raid, but also the comments from those that participate in the top content there is with the demeaning comments that make people like me wonder, why should I even try to even attempt that which they consider to be trivial content.  WoW has been reduced down to it’s simplest just to get more people to play, they are destroying the game I have played for years.  They make light of content that I am unable to do.

Oh, you run LFR, aren’t you a special snowflake, move along now while we sit on our Uber mount of uberness, that you will never have.  Oh your guild is only 12/12 normal, get on our level brah, 40 man original Naxx was real raiding, this stuff they call content is just catering to the care bear players.  I am sure many have heard the comments, probably many more.

It is the knowledge that even if I pushed myself, devoted my time just on seeing the end game content at the highest level I could do, it would never be good enough.  And you just have to reach a point where you say to yourself, is it really worth it, if it is just to say I am better than you.  And for me it is not.  I am more happy in the fact that I had confidence in a young man who use to be a big trade troll, that had social anxiety, that now is raiding in one of the top guilds on the server he went to, and is now leading Pug groups to help friends see the content on higher levels of difficulty, and he has remained the most humble of people you would ever meet.

We all get older, our taste in gaming changes, where many would just flip a table and go play some new game claiming WoW is dead, it’s too easy now, to conceal their inability to compete to the level they are accustomed to.  I chose to stay and play what I enjoy.  Who knows, maybe they will create a story line so compelling that I want to raid again, raid harder levels.  Maybe not.  Maybe I will take up the PvP mantle again, the possibilities are endless in this game, and when people stop focusing on one aspect being the end all, and put pressure on the developers to create other things to do the game has the potential to grow even more.

Why do bosses need to be in an instance isolated from all but those willing to group up and do battle, why are there not more World bosses, why don’t bosses spawn out in the world like Deathwing did.  The one thing that will kill WoW is if not only the developers, but the players accept what is offered as being good enough, that innovations, even ideas from other games are bad, because it is what they have played for years.  Memories of the old should stay that, memories, they should influence positive change, should promote innovations, new ways of designing, not a hook to hang your hat on because a few want it to stay the old way.

I won’t raid because gear is hard to come by, or because I do not have time, but because there is so much more to do beyond that.  And there are many like me, Mothers, Fathers, kids just learning about WoW for the first time that have to be offline by a certain time, we all are or have grown up gaming, we keep playing because we are gamers, we are not the stereotypical basement dwellers society thinks we are, we are everyone, and it is time that we treated those like ourselves with respect, regardless of what level of gaming we play.

For those designing games, keep challenging us, keep pushing the design ideas, but do not focus on that small percentage that has the time and ability to defeat even your wildest ideas, be inclusive, and your games we will play.

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I unfollowed someone yesterday

While this may not be a big deal to many, it was not an easy thing I did.  Even though they did not follow me, or probably did not really have much interaction with me, I did appreciate their knowledge and insight.

The unfollow was not about the big topic they were discussing, but instead when they ventured into that realm of comments that I have issues with.  I know many have played for years, I know all to well, that my WoW experience pales compared to many.  I have done quite a bit in my WoW career, but every passing tier brings harder and harder challenges that I need to overcome, and I have reached a point where I have made a choice to do only that which is enjoyable to me, because I do not have the time or skill any longer to do what many others do.  When content that I cannot do is refereed to as watered down, or that the game is being made to easy, even the standby Blizz catering to the casuals, I do take exception.

I don’t play the same game as many, it does not make your way right, nor does it make mine.  I respect the opinions of others, I listen to a great deal.  They may not always relate to the same game I play.  As long as a person does not have the attitude that they are better than me because they do something different, I will always listen.

Have a great Thursday all.

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Is this thing on?


It is a rare day indeed when I find myself thinking that I am the voice of reason when it comes to comments about the game.  Maybe I am not seeing enough of what the issue is, maybe I am sorely uninformed.


Ok, so people have been destroying the Timewalker dungeons in the PTR.  I am gathering since today is the first I am seeing comments that it has not been available for any length of time for testing. I also take into consideration other facts.
There is a limited player base that participates in the PTR, normally your high end raiders looking to get in early to work on Raid strats, players that tend to consider the PTR as being live content, and those that honestly go in there to test things, to report errors, and issues.

Now normally you do not see people going in to the PTR to test older raids and dungeons, because well they are old. So I am going to try here to be


I do not know what is involved in testing, or class balancing, or the fine tuning buttons and knobs Blizzard may have, but I can see from their stand point that they need to get data on these modified dungeons.  They could have set them to be punishingly brutal, to where groups would need hours to complete 1.  They could have taken a shot at middle of the road to work out finer details, but again it would have taken time for groups to not only form up, but to complete.  So they apparently went too far in the easiest direction.  It takes 15 minutes for a group of level 100’s to clear the dungeon with minimal effort.  Perhaps they are looking at issues with older code meshing with max level talents, perhaps they want to see how many mobs are pulled when players attack a patrol, or the fact that many of the talents and abilities we all had 6 years ago no longer exist in the game.

It is the first iteration of this feature, they made it a bit too easy.  That’s fine, we should report it to the PTR forums, point out how easy certain things were.  Normally, I am the one being admonished for commenting on content that is still in testing, so I am not certain if there is something that I am missing.  So apologies if I am.  This is going to be a limited thing, over a short period of time.  If it ends up being a faceroll, then people will do it one time through, get their achievements, and move on, if it is similar to the revamped Zul’Gurub, then players will just not bother, because the gear drops do not seem to be worth it to a more progressed player.

No, I think you need to look beyond the first weekend when max level 100’s will faceroll all of them, to the following weeks when people are running their lower level alts, or level 100’s in quest gear through for the 4th and 5th times.  Will it be a challenge for them.

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Rambling thoughts Tinfoil hat edition

Thank you Alternative Chat for giving me something to write about today.

This is all speculation, hearsay, nothing based in facts, purely me taking a guess and thinking out loud.

Warcraft moved to Summer Blockbuster slot June 10th 2016.  Now I do not think in any way that Blizzard asked them to move it because they needed more time to prepare for what’s next, but more Hollywood exec’s seeing exactly how huge this potentially could be, not only as a stand alone movie, but as a potential franchise, toys, games, we have only seen that which Blizzard has ventured into, once the Hollywood machine gets its grubby little marketing hands on it, we may see product the likes of which even god has never seen.

I will take a guess, that with the summer release, we will see an extended version/collectors edition/box set DvD in time for Christmas, with of course the game itself.  And it got me thinking.  Surely there will be many new players hitting the realms, trying to find their way in a whole universe we all take for granted, a new wave of new players with no idea about the game beyond the movie, much like many that watched South Park’s “Make love not Warcraft”

It has been mentioned, that perhaps we are on the verge of a reboot.  And I am leaning towards that too.  While we may accept the visual style of the game, and attribute limitations to a 10+ year old framework, what if they Rebooted WoW, what if we all had our chance to do it all over again, but with the level of graphics that many game players expect today that they see in their X-box, or Playstation.  What if they gave us a choice, stay in the old game and they would maintain it for our monthly sub fee, or start fresh in the new Worlds of Warcraft franchise.  Not just Azeroth, but all of the Worlds.  Yes I said Worlds Pural.  Level to 60 though old content, run all of the original raids with current abilities, all the way up until you are level 69, then move on to Burning Crusade, Wrath, Cata…

We are going to see Timewalkers soon, old content we can run that will allow various level players to run.  Level 65? You can run level 60 raids with friends. 84? Hop into an ICC raid.  I do believe, that not only will we be playing this out, but it will also be a good testing opportunity for them to see what current design and software issues may arise from the oldest code in the game.  I am sure there are other motives behind offering this feature beyond “Many have asked for it, here you go” Even if it is a simple algorithm to adjust gear and damage numbers, there is more than likely other reasons.

We need to start looking beyond just ourselves and what we want, and to the future of what new players will desire to even try a game out.  Every year we lose more of the old guard, and they are replaced with newer players that have fewer than 3 years playing.  If the franchise is to survive, not only do we the older players need to adapt, but the game with us.  Wouldn’t many of us jump at a chance to play it all over again if it looked like this in game?

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in 15 years

In 15 years World of Warcraft will be 25 years old.  It is a crazy number to consider for a game, but look at Dungeons and Dragons, any number of other video game franchises, Zelda, Mortal Combat, they are still around, and I do truly believe WoW will be too.

10 years ago you had teens and 20 somethings picking up WoW for the first time, perhaps they were even some that played Warcraft.  Those original players are now in their 20’s and 30’s with kids of their own, perhaps seeing this from their kids,

Mom/Dad can I play WoW? 

I don’t know, do you have you homework all done?

Yeee-aaaah /eyerolls

Ok, I lets get you set up, do you need any help? Do you want me to make you some bags or get you some gold to start out?

Gawd, I know what I am doing, I can figure it all out.  OMG!! this is so kewl, I can jump on this rock, oh I just killed that wolf, sorry wolf, I didn’t mean it, wow, this is awesome, where should I go first……….

to a few years later

this game is stupid easy, it’s not a challenge any more, why do people still play this, all my friends are playing Trollo Destroyer X and League of I own your face…

to a few years later

Mom/Dad, this is Amy, she’s a gamer and still plays WoW, any chance you still have my level 125 on your account?  We want to play together.

Until a day comes when their kids ask,

Mom/Dad?  Can I play WoW with Grandma and Grandpop?

And the phone call made.

Mom, dad, I get it now.  Thanks for everything.

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It’s a cultural thing

Like I do most mornings driving near an hour to work, I like to think.  Should I write about something, why even write, there is maybe a handful of people that read this, maybe even fewer that will agree, or relate to anything I write.

The other day I was at my wits end.  I read through the initial patch notes, and I hit a down point.  It is a Catch 22, to have an idea what changes may be coming, or new features, you need to read the patch notes, but they are not final, and you may read things that turn you away from the game, even before they hit live, just because of the way your brain interprets what you are reading.  If you ignore them and wait for the final product, you may miss out of some new feature proposed that did not make it because people did not comment on it, also a feature may not make it because people did comment on it.


And that’s the tough part.  That which I struggle with.  Do I say what is on my mind whether people agree or disagree, to I propose crazy ideas that may make sense only to me, or given from my perspective, and let the chips fall where they may.  I think in the end it is up to me to try to find a happy medium, expressing thoughts and ideas regardless of whether they toe the line, are part of the hive mindset, are thinking out of the box.

What I realize too is that WoW is a cultural game, there are references to old movie characters, symbols of pop culture, things that are mufti-generational.  I know people that started playing when they were as young as 8-9 years old now in their teens, people that started in their teens and are now adults starting families, all the way up to people in their 60’s and 70’s.  Men, Women, Boys, Girls, we are as diverse a group as you could possibly ever find.  We all have our likes and differences in this game of ours.  Some may choose a path different than our own, it does not make them right in the way they play, nor us wrong.  We all find a niche that keeps us logging in every day.

When you look at WoW, it is not just a game popular in any one country, it is a global cultural experience.  Because there is that little something that draws us in, some thing that we can all relate to in some manner.  Years from now, I am sure someone will come up with a solid theory as to why it was successful.  Was it the story? The gaming experience? The game play? Or something as simple as just a need for people to interact socially on some base level.

The game is constantly evolving, and some say, Get on my level, learn to adapt, change with the game.  And there is some truth to that.  We should all strive to get a little better, to learn how to adapt to new changes and directions, to evolve.  But too not only should we the older players learn to accept the new, but the newer players should also look to us to understand the old.  Talking about things, remembering things not as nostalgia, or looking at things with rose colored Rhinestone glasses, but for how tough things were in the past, or how much simpler mechanics were back in the day.  We are an ever evolving player base, gone are many of the older 40 hour a week raiders, replaced with the 2 hours 3 nights a week, or taking the night off to watch a movie with my little girl.   Our priorities are changing, and it is up to us as players to talk about things, so that maybe, just maybe, someone in the development department may look at what we say, and a light bulb may go off when it finally clicks, that hey, we never realized.  We get it.  How is this.

Saying nothing just allows things to stagnate and plod along slowly drying up until there is no more.  So take some time, be it once a month, a week, a day.  Write your thoughts and ideas down, make suggestions, try to see things from others perspectives, thinking is good, getting on a soap box to express ideas on dissatisfaction with something is good, debate people, but do not argue.  Express with your heart.

Have a great week all.

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Post #120

For the time being, I really have nothing more to say about WoW.  Things may change, I may find something interesting to write or say about it.

So lets say for now




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