I’m not a great player

That was an interesting conversation about the Proving grounds. Some calls that its simple and even someone with basic knowledge should be able to easily get silver. Perhaps it is true for the majority. No so for me. Coming in to Mists the new talents were to be more about choice and suiting your play style. I have found what works for me. Is it optimal for every fight? Probably not but it is what fits the way I like to play. I don’t have the time to spend hours at a dummy learning different builds. Maybe that makes me a bad player. Years ago I learned. I had the cookie cutter build and I was a decent player and raider. The philosophy that its more fun to swap out builds based on the fights may be exciting and challenging for many but not for me.

So I have had no luck in proving grounds. I have accepted that possibly even with adjustments to them I will probably not get silver. And as a result not be able to randomly run a heroic dungeon. Regardless of the gear I may have or the ability to do better in a group setting. I will have to rely on friends and those in guild to take me with them. I may find myself excluded from random group finder groups if they require it. Now I could research the fight and follow someone guide and buy up miscellaneous pieces of gear and take the talents recommended and probably with a lot of practice get it. But that is not me playing or learning how to beat a fight. Normally I would go off and improve my gear and come back later. If you are at the top level of your skill and can’t beat a fight the only other improvement to get you past is gear.

I work hard for every piece of gear I have acquired. I can handle myself solo against most rares in the world. I may be at the back running to catch up to everyone but eventually I do. I don’t raid all the time but when I do I do my best. I don’t PvP all the time but when I do I do my best. The feeling I get is that if you cannot get silver you are labeled a bad player and a detriment to your group. By not doing them at all I am making a choice to only do what content many others like myself will be limited to. That’s my choice. I will not be labeled a carry by people even if the comment is made in jest.

Blizzard has made great strives to encourage average players to experience raiding and more difficult content. If all that is left to me is questing, regular dungeons and LFR then so be it. I will not force myself to do something unenjoyable. I play the game to relax and have fun. I won’t let being unable to do one thing take away enjoyment for the rest of the game.

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I play a Shadow Priest on one of the last servers ever created. I wouldn't leave the community we have here for all the progression in the world. Marathal#1809
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